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Ultra 1

Ultra 1

$ 185
Includes GST. Ex Yatala.

A decent all round paddle. This paddle does not have too much volume and is therefore easy to use. The lower volume makes it an excellent recreational paddle and you can cover long distances without tiring.  An excellent small to medium sized paddle, the Ultra 1 is perfectly suited for medium to long distance paddling. It would definitely be a good choice for younger paddlers and female paddlers and it's ideally suited for any longer distance paddler.  It combines great balance of power and size - however it's smaller appearance affords the paddler better endurance performance. It has a very stable path through the water and so is very easy to adapt to which means that when you get tired and your concentration levels aren't as sharp, the blade still has a very balanced and clean feel through the water.

  • Shaft Material: Glass
  • Blade Material: Fibreglass
  • Construction: One Piece

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