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The Surf Fisha Range

The Surf fisha range is designed for the best wave riding and surfability hence the name the Surf fisha.

The Surf Fisha Range is an upgrade on the Supalite Range. Stealth took the time to evaluate the needs of those who take on big surf - then built that is a works great in the surf but performs well out wide too.

The Surf  Fisha range  incorporates the latest hi tech materials with a construction very similar to our Pro fisha range. The kayak is built using specialised core materials and epoxy based resin systems. The process of resin infusion is used to  keep the build  consistent not only in quality but also in finished weight. The focus on this kayak was to give it maximum stability within its design so the position on the widest point of the kayak and the depth of the seat and footwells make it very comfortable with loads of stability.

The Surf Fisha 470


  • Front and Rear Storage Webbing
  • Storage hatch
  • 2x fishing rod holders
  • Large Fish hatch with rod chute
  • Improved hull for greater speed and wave control
  • Fully Adjustable foot pedals, with rudder and steering system
  • Self Draining Footwells
  • Latch clips
  • Rubber and paddle elastic
  • 2x Drain holes
  • 4x Carry handles

Clients to Contact Dennis for Available Colour Options

  • Construction Material Fibreglass
  • Length 4.73 m
  • Width 66 cm
  • Weight 23-24 Kg's
  • Paddler Capacity 130 Kg's
  • Max. Load Capacity 190 Kg's
  • Storage Hatches 2
  • Drain Holes 2
  • Foot Pedal System Adjustable
  • Carry Handles 4
  • Rod Holders 1
  • Front Rubber & Paddle Elastic Yes
  • Comfortable Drag Handle Yes
  • Large Fish Hatch Yes