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Pinnacle Kayaks

The Pinnacle handles all sea and weather conditions, allowing the paddler to focus less on paddling and more on fishing.

Suitable for advanced and novice paddlers, of all shapes and sizes.

The Pinnacle unique back hatch design allows one to carry all the required safety equipment on board. It is easily accessible and there is plenty of space to spare for other goodies and accessories. You will not be inconvenienced by the safety equipment and apparel that you have to carry.

The Pinnacle Elite


  • Standard with 3 - 5 Rod Holders 
  • Fish Hatch 2700 mm long x 400 mm wide x 310 mm deep
  • Aluminium adjustable foot rails will be fitted
  • ‘V’ shaped hull
  • Small dry round hatch 
  • Two back hatches
  • Back hatches are 390 mm long x 180 mm wide x 200 mm deep
  • Seat depth 170 mm
  • Construction Material Fibreglass
  • Length 4.8 m
  • Width .678 m
  • Weight 28 Kg's
  • Paddler Capacity 120 Kg's
  • Storage Hatches 3
  • Drain Holes 1
  • Foot Pedal System Adjustable
  • Carry Handles 4
  • Rod Holders 5
  • Front Rubber & Paddle Elastic Yes
  • Comfortable Drag Handle No
  • Large Fish Hatch Yes