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Tuesday, 06 November 2012 16:17

Stealth Profisha 475

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The Stealth Profisha 475 is now only days away from arriving on Australian Shores and with a fair bit of hype around the kayak, I thought I would take the opportunity to give the kayak a proper introduction.

When hearing that Stealth were designing the Profisha 475 and that the first batch produced would be sent to us in Australia I must admit that although I was excited I was sceptical about how different this yak would be from the Evolution 465.

After discussions with Brett and Bruce and after seeing the video of this kayak in action – it was clear to me that Stealth were really onto something here.

Having blown minds with the release of the Profisha 575 which is fast, stable and an absolute dream to paddle; Stealth designed the 475 with another objective in mind.

The Profisha 475 is not only a few kilograms lighter than its closest rivals the Profisha 575 and the Evo 465 – it is more manageable.

At this stage – I must point out that the weight difference between a 475 and its closest Stealth Rivals is between 3 Kg’s and 5 Kg’s. Not much when you first hear it – but think about it. That is between 12% and 18% of the kayaks weight. This weight difference is what guys and girls pay thousands of dollars to reduce by having Carbon Kevlar and Carbon Fibre Kayaks made. And although there are other factors that make Carbon kayaks different, weight is often the defining factor.

Pre ordered sales of the 475 so far indicate that the reduced weight and the ability to easily load and unload this kayak – are the most important factors.

Measuring in at 4.75 metres long – it is also easier to store than its longer sister.

Another key element with the 475 – is it’s surfability. Despite the Evolution Kayaks not being as difficult to surf as what some of the industries ‘Experts’ suggest, there seemed to be the need for a kayak that was both fast and easy in the surf. The 475 is Stealth’s answer to this. It features a more prominent rocker than the Evolution range – making it easier to keep that sleek front end above the water line.

At the end of the day surfability much like Speed is often dependent on the paddler as much as the kayak he or she paddles. Cars only go as fast as their engine allows them. Much the same with kayaks – they will go as fast as the person holding the paddle allows them. And although the 475’s are designed to make it as easy as possible to achieve great speeds and surf the waves – the paddler determines this.


Profisha 475

Length: 4.75 metres

Width: 0.605 metres

Weight: 22 Kg’s

Features: Newly designed Fish hatch with Rod Butt holder and Rod Chute, Newly designed hatch lid (Carbon Fibre), New Rudder – No Protector (making it more responsive), Self Draining footwells. Manufactured using higher quality materials.

If you have any questions about this, or any of our other Stealth kayaks do not hesitate to contact me.

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