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Wednesday, 21 December 2016 10:40

Sponsor List for the Stealth Adder Rock 2017 Comp

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We have been fortunate enough to secure sponsorship for the 2017 Adder Rock event from some of Australia's best companies.

The list is growing so be sure to keep checking here, or on our facebook page for updates.

 Beachwheels have joined us for the fifth time as a sponsor.... and if you didnt know - that means that they have kindly donated a prize since the first comp.


Lowrance have also joined as a Sponsor for this event.

Sponsor Announcement: Viking Kayaks are a Sponsor at the 2017 Stealth Adder Rock Kayak Fishing Comp and have kindly put up a kayak for the Prize pool - which is becoming quite sizeable.

Penn have again joined us in sponsoring the Stealth Adder Rock Offshore Kayak Fishing Comp.

Penn have sponsored this comp a few times before, with a fair few entrants using their winnings from Previous years to wrangle some great fish.

We are very excited to announce Savage Gear Australia and Water Wolf have joined us as sponsors for the Adder Rock Challenge 2017. Through the efforts of one of our Mexicans competitors we have gained some great prizes for the table with a reputable fishing company.





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