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Tuesday, 21 June 2016 12:33

Midweek Report # 3

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Another week of wet weather on the East coast has seen a less activity on the fishing side - however there have still been some fantastic catches recorded this past week.

Scott McIntosh lead the way with his magnificant haul on the Sunshine Coast. Scotty managed a Nice Spanish Mackerel ( yes they are still around) as well as some nice Reefies too.

Well done mate !

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This week marked another unbelievable fish pulled up by a Stealth Rider. Ettienne Thiebaut managed to hook and land a 46 kg Spanish Mackerel off Cape Vidal in South Africa. This just weeks after Trent Lambles 45 kg monster was caught off Durban. Needless to say - we are in awe.

Here is what Ettienne wrote about his tussle with the fish.

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"I took a afternoon paddle on Friday, seeing that conditions were not looking good for the rest of the long weekend. Not ideal conditions, SE was probably blowing at 8 to 10 knots. Lots of chop on the water but the water was looking good and I needed the exercise. I got out through some heavy surf with a crowd of upcountry onlookers cheering me on, standing by to make NSRI energency calls. Lucky for me I made it out dry. I put out two mackerel and paddled straight out to about 20m. I managed to catch some cigar scads but decided to stick to the mackerel. Had a bait chopped by a toothy fish within 30min of launching so I was hopefull. It didn't hook up and I quickly rebaited. I drifted towards the lighthouse, probably 1.5km from the launch site and decided to turn back. I paddled to about 25m and turned back closer to shore. I saw some live bait at 18m depth and decided to try and get one so I could change one of the macs for a live bait.

As I dropped the youzurri, my down rigged bait got taken. A massively fast run. I thought it might be a good tuna. I brought in my lines and started fighting the fish that had stripped me of 200m top line and at least 150m braid. I gained some line and the fish took another unstoppable run. Lucky my ski was now being towed at speed into the wind and I managed to slowly gain some line on my Tld15 lever drag. The drag was silky smooth and that really helped me. The fish tired out and I started gaining line with ease. When I first saw it, I realised it was not a tuna. It stayed right on the surface all through the fight. It's green/grey/gold shine had me think it was an amber jack, then I thought prodigal son. Then when it did it's first circle close to the boat, I saw the jaw, head, eyes, huge girth and massive tail.

It was a very, very fat king mackerel. The biggest I'd ever seen. I was actually quite scared of it. It looked like an angry dinosaur and I didn't want to gaff it. One flick of that massive propeller would pull me straight off the ski... The back trebble of my stock standard (top secret) couta trace was set right in the lower jaw and I decided to give it a tickle with the gaff just to see it's response, loosening the drag a little first. At the first touch, the fish didn't react at all. It was poked from the massive runs and from pulling me around for 15 min. I sunk the gaff into the chin. The couta wriggled a bit but settled. I lifted the head and realised I had a problem. Serious weight to lift plus nasty chop on a pro fisher 575... I removed the trace, cleared the deck and fish box and pulled the fish onto my lap and let it slide back into the water. I did this a couple of times, finding the center of gravity. At around the 5th time, I got it to lay nicely. I swung the tail around and guided it's head into the hatch. It slid in with a bit of a shuffle but came to a stop at the dorsal fin. The fish was just too wide.

I had to paddle it in with rods on deck and hatch open with the huge tail on my lap. My worry was not only the extra 46kg on board (wich at the time I thought to be maybe 30kg) it was actually the costant side chop and water splashing into my hatch... long story short, I got knocked off the ski by a side swell once. Lucky the ski didn't capsize and I got back on. Back at the launch site I got a nice gap in and beached without problems. The rest is history... 46.48kg, 1670mm fork length, 840mm girth. Weight will be confirmed once the scale gets calibration certificate. Thanks to all the helpers on the beach, taking pictures, fetching scales, etc."

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Over in the US - Fred York ( Florida Dealer for Stealth) managed to bring home third place as well as the largest King Mackerel ( which we call Spanish here in Aus) in the Extreme Kayak Fishing Comp.

Looks like a blast.

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 This weeks video of the week. Paul Pallet with his Arrwarra Effort !



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