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Tuesday, 16 June 2015 11:07

New Models about to Hit Australia

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Stealth have been hard at work re-developing some of their existing skis. Now that they have completed the Profisha range – they have turned their focus to using some of their new techniques on existing models.

Stealth have re-designed and re-branded the Evo 495. The New model - which is called the FISHA 500 - is an update on an already great ski.

The Fisha 500 is the same width and length as the Evo 495 but is made out of Derekane Vinylester (The Same Materials used on the Profisha Range) rather than Polyester – thus making it lighter and Stronger. They are coming in at around 25 Kgs - which is a nice reduction from the original 495. The Deck has changed, but hull is fairly similar. They have added Self Drainers in the Footwells – and have removed the skeg. They have also updated to the Profisha Style Lid.

This is obviously good news for the larger gents who feel that the Profisha Range does not quite offer enough stability – as well as those who could use the extra hatch space.

A couple of quick Reviews by some of the guys in SA:

“Stealth have made a major improvement to not only the aesthetics of the old evolution 495 but with incorporating the new rudder system has made the ski exceptionally responsive.

The ski is also a lot faster than its predecessor.

The new hatch system does not restrict you in anyway it still has a large fish box.

With the volume in the nose it helps for when beaching raising the nose out the water and visa versa for when launching as well.

It took me about an hour to adjust to the twitchy Ness caused by the new rudder system but once you get a feel for it you are A for away.

I managed to get her up to 10.3km an hour in a chop so I recon on flat water it could easily get 12km an hour.

Weight wise it’s exceptionally light.” - Byron


“Trying out the new fisha 500, I took my daughter fishing, we were both very comfortable on the ski. Plenty hatch space with a wide opening which came in handy when loading up full strings of mackrel on the wreck earlier this week.

This ski is wider than the pro fisha but not much slower, I kept up with my buddy's profisha on the 2 km paddle to the mark and he was trying to drop me. An unexpected pleasure with the fisha 500 is that it tracks the big fish nicely on the line, whether a tunny screaming off or the big shark doing its circles the boat follows quickly.

Nice and stable but not at the expense of speed.” - Jasper


The other model which is being updated is another firm favourite. The BFS. 

This ski which is popular among those traversing big surf has also been upgraded with the Derekane Vinylester – as well as Venturis and a Profisha Style Hatch Lid. Stealth have reshaped the hull slightly and have removed the skeg – making this even more responsive in the surf. It is however the 5 Kg weight reduction that we are most excited for. We have been informed that these skis – which will eventually become known as the SURF FISHA 470 – are weighing in at around 23 Kg’s.

I don’t have any formal reviews just yet, but have been told that it is awesome in the surf and that “Stealth have tweaked a legend , and made it better !”

There are some of these inbound from South Africa at the moment – Due to arrive in July. I will be looking to do some Demos along the East Coast - if they havent all sold prior to arrival. Please get in touch about this if you are interested.

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